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Resonant Creative Listening (RSL)

You are a stressed high achiever wrestling with a troubling problem for which you likely know the solution or at least how to address. You just haven’t realized it yet. Creative resonant listening unlocks what you know.

Public Speaking

Speak to one and you have one prospect for your ideas and products. Speak to a thousand and you have…well , you figure it out. Public speaking skills will increase your confidence, effectiveness, and influence. It’s not about losing those nervous butterflies…but just getting them to fly in formation.

University skills for Adult Learners

Learn the survival skills for study and research as a mature-age student at university. You’ve taken the courageous first step of leaving your job and going ‘back to school’. Now discover how to make it all worthwhile and get the most out of your investment of time and money.

Communicating Science

Sometimes as a scientist, you feel like you speak a foreign language to the politicians and bureaucrats making funding decisions determining your future as well as the public that benefit from your work. Well, you probably do. They don’t care about the technical jargon and the detail; wanting only a narrative that makes sense. Learn how to influence non-scientists by developing your awareness of different worldviews and persuasive methods we use to communicate.

Expats Communicating in foreign environments

Learn the survival skills you need as an expat living and working in a foreign land and culture. Discover how to enjoy the hospitality of your host nation without unknowingly offending the people by ‘putting your cultural feet up on their coffee table’.

Framing Policies for Key Publics

Framing Policies for Key Publics
Your organisation has to communicate changes unpopular with key publics and stakeholders. It may be a controversial government policy initiative for your city or a change of management at your factory. Necessary policy shifts can be communicated effectively and ethically, leading to desired attitudinal and behavioural changes in your key publics.

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